Jewellery repair is a booming business in all parts of the world. Many shops that sell Jewellery also keep craftsmen on hand to repair or reconstruct broken Jewellery. While some aspects are fairly easy, Jewellery repair requires a steady hand for some of the more difficult fixes. Many people who own Jewellery become amateur Jewellery repair technicians, and the delicacy of certain pieces lends itself to breaking.

                Oftentimes, simple fixes can be found with a soldering iron. If a clasp is broken or a prong is bent out of shape, a quick Internet search will often turn up a “how-to” on fixing the problem. The most important thing to remember is that you must be honest with yourself and your abilities if you are attempting the Jewellery repair yourself. It is very possible that you can further damage the Jewellery if you the required repair is out of your skill level.

                By having your Jewellery repair completed by a professional, you are getting a guarantee that the work is going to be sound, done by someone who has probably fixed countless pieces of Jewellery like your own. Make sure you ask around, if possible return to the store you purchased the Jewellery from, and find out whom they recommend for the repair. While the cost will vary, the piece of mind knowing that a professional is doing the Jewellery repair will be worth the price tag.

                In some serious cases, Jewellery reconstruction is required. This is when the piece is severely damaged. It is recommended you always consult a professional Jewellery repair or reconstruction expert for this kind of work. Jewellery reconstruction can rebuild completely shattered pieces and make them look as though they are brand new, often completely hiding any cracks or damages.

                While it may be tempting to try and attempt your own Jewellery repair or Jewellery reconstruction, remember the value of the piece you are working on and determine if the expense of having a professional repair done is worth it. A twenty-dollar locket you gave to your daughter in first grade? It is probably worth a shot with the soldering iron to repair. Obviously, you will want to take your time and do as much research as possible online for different repair techniques. Is it a three thousand dollar engagement ring that requires extensive Jewellery reconstruction due to crushing damage? It is recommended that you take it to a Jewellery repair store rather than risk damaging it even further.

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