These days, everyone is talking about social media – what it is and how you can use it for your business. Social media is one off the most powerful tools that you can utilize for promoting your business, but why exactly is it so important and what can it do? What is Social Media? In regular media, such as a newspaper or television, the message travels one way from the media source to the viewer. When you watch TV or read a newspaper, you have a limited opportunity to give feedback or share your thoughts on the matter. However, social media offers you the opportunity to talk back and engage in a dialogue. Social media also gives us the opportunity to connect and communicate with others, whether they are friends or strangers. We can share content, make observations and leave comments – adding to the conversation with millions of others.

There are a number of different social media platforms that facilitate this interaction in a number of different ways. Facebook promotes the sharing of statuses and photos, whereas Twitter users post short 140 character thoughts and links to interesting content. From LinkedIn to Instagram to Pinterest and many more, the number of social media websites and diverse ways that we interact with each other is continuing to grow.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Strategy? Social media is now accepted as mainstream and it needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy if you are going to catch the attention of your customers. Social media takes advantage of the fact that people buy from people that they like and trust, because it gives you the chance to show your personality and demonstrate the values and human side of your business. When you interact with your customers you will build a strong brand reputation.

It’s not all about broadcasting your promotional message to the world, it’s about using your voice to build a strong relationship with your customers, whether you are designing your own campaign or working with a social media agency Hong Kong.

Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats Here are a few interesting facts about social media marketing, Hong Kong and around the world:

·         At the moment, Facebook is still the largest social media network with over one billion users.

·         Social media is not just for young people. Believe it or not, the quickest growing demographic of Twitter users at the moment is the 55-64 year old age bracket. Could you be missing out on this large demographic?

·         189 million Facebook users are “Mobile Only”. In fact, according to a survey, 25% of people aged 18-44 could not remember a time throughout the day when their phone was not within earshot of them. How does your content come across when it is viewed on a mobile phone?

·         Every second, LinkedIn gets 2 more members. This professional network is growing quickly, so are you taking advantage of this?

These are just a few interesting facts to keep in mind about social media, so that you can be more informed when you develop your strategy. 


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